Weekend Wrap Up

I took this photo last summer at our local farmer's market...and I don't think I've been back since! A return trip for more peaches and whatever else looks fresh is high on my list of things to do this weekend. I'm also thinking about frozen cocktails, oysters, pool time and long walks (which may or may not involve ice cream cones)...In other words, I'm hoping to soak up as much summer as I still can.  A few other things of interest....

-LOVE this teacher''s homework policy...let's hope it really does go viral!

-How To Keep Your Home From Looking Dated

-The prettiest cheese board...ever.

-Huggie Earrings are back in style! (yay:0)

-9 new things to zhush up your work space.

-Picked up these pretty towels earlier this week-  more on this shopping excursion here.

-6 Tips for Minding Your Email Manners.

-My friend started a great blog for those of you planning on looking at colleges with your kids!


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Serena and Lily In Westsport

Through the years I've bought some great home decor pieces and art online from Serena and Lily (specifically this mirror and these baskets) so I was very excited when I heard this California based company had opened a concept store close to my home here in Connecticut. It took me awhile, but I finally made the trip to Westport yesterday (these photos are from Architectural Digest - you can see my own over on Instagram and Snapchat @zhush). I fell in love with the whole space.

Serena and Lily took over a four story historical Victorian and completely renovated it. It was so fun to slowly roam the floors of this chic store, beautifully designed to look like a home. I was hoping to get some ideas for a playroom/kid's space for our house, but there wasn't a room set up this way. However, a very helpful sales associate told me the whole space is changing after September 11, and they plan to feature couches, living rooms and family rooms. I'll be sure to stop by again and check it all out.

If you live in the area, I recommend stopping by-everything they sell is beautiful online, but even prettier in person! Scroll through below for even more of my favorite Serena and Lily finds.


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Home Tour: Family Friendly In Toronto

Spotted over at Style at Home, Toronto based designer Jennfier Ferreira gave this lovely old Victorian town house a fresh new life while still honoring all the architectural details throughout. I especially love how the sleek new furnishings and bright white walls highlight the charming historical features of this home.  


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Back To School Office Party

School doesn't officially start for my kids until right after Labor Day...but between pre-season sports and ACT prep classes (which started this week) summer feels like it's quickly slipping away.

Back to school shopping has changed a lot since I was a student. Nowadays, we do most of it online and never all at once. However, one thing has stayed the same for me, and that is the mixed bag of emotions I have at the end of every summer.

Part of me wishes the summer could go on forever, while part of me welcomes the fresh start fall always brings.  So in between sorting out my kid's schedules and figuring out who needs what and what still fits who...I'm honoring my inner child with some fresh and pretty new finds for my own little work area and desk.  

PS: Click here to see more of my home office.


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Home Tour: A Chic NYC Apartment With Ladylike Details

I always find so much inspiration within Kapito Muller's beautiful interiors. So, I was especially excited to see a recent Kapito Muller New York City design project over on Architectural Digest. I love the way Alyssa Kapito and Vivian Muller combine so many different design styles, periods and art pieces into one very modern and cohesive whole. The kitchen from this home, seen below, is a personal favorite.

Photography by Nick Johson


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