Divine Details: Fall Holiday Decor

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Hello Zhush readers! It's Katy Byrne from Designs By Katy, back with another Divine Detail. October is finally here and with it rings in a season of holiday decor. I'm not going to lie: I'm not a huge holiday decorator. When I do, I stick to a more modern and sophisticated take. For fall, my go-to is always white pumpkins. They add a touch of holiday feel without being overdone. Monochromatic holiday decor is definitely my favorite.

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What's your go-to for holiday decor? As always, thanks for having me Sue! It's a pleasure. Don't forget to come visit me at my own interior design blog, Designs By Katy.

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inspiration image via: Erin Williamson // Design Crisis

Well, even though I vowed never to do this again...I'm doing it again! What am I talking about? The One Room Challenge and it starts up today.  If you're not familiar with this, in a nutshell, the ORC was started a few years ago by Linda from Calling It Home. This six week challenge consists of twenty design bloggers who will attempt to do re-do a room in six weeks. 

Last year I crazily agreed to participate in this while moving, literally.  The room that I chose was the kitchen... #nbd. . The added stress of the whole experience almost broke me, but I did end up (eventually, not exactly within the 6 weeks) with an awesome kitchen.  Fast forward to this year, I've learned a few things. First - not moving. Second - small, small room (aka K.I.S.S. keep it simple Sue)

So, the room that I'm hoping to transform in six weeks is our guest bathroom. Above is my inspiration. In a full circle moment, this beauty of a bath is the product of an ORC past. If you follow Design Crisis than you're already familiar with the amazing job Erin did with this space...and if you don't follow her, your'e missing out.

Back to my challenge room... Here are some shots of the room as it is. Not too awful, just very ho-hum.  Basically, when we moved here about a year ago, we didn't touch or change one thing. I had some nice window shutters installed for privacy, hung up a shower curtain and that's about it. Whenever we didn't know where to put something from an old bathroom from our old house, it pretty much just ended up in here.

It's a long awkward L shaped space, with some weird wall angles...but I think this bathroom has a lot of potential. All those hours spent watching HGTV will finally be put to good use!

And here is what I would like to see happen in this space.

1. Dramatic wallpaper. I LOVE wallpaper, and there's no better place to use it than a bathroom. I chose the inspiration image above because I'm obsessed with this Martyn Lawrence wallpaper Erin used (Bullard Romeo in Carrara for Schumacher.)

2. Lose the weird lighting and get some nice, possibly brass lighting. (that pendant in that cramped spot/door opening makes no sense to me.)

3. Lose the brown counter top and replace it with a nice bright white stone one.

4. Get some brass hardware happening in here: faucet and knobs and towel bar (also from the inspiration image.)

5. Get rid of that square mirror - (a round brass one just like the inspiration image would be great.)

6. In a perfect world, lose the tile up the walls as well, but honestly don't see that happening...

7. New shower curtain with some personality.

Today I'll be ordering up a bunch more wallpaper samples from DecoratorsBest - it's finding the right wallpaper that is stressing me out the most here. It needs to look great AND be available in stock. I actually had the Martin Bullard Lawrence pictured in the first photos, but I'm convinced it's way too busy with the tiles on the wall- if you squint you can see it in the mirror in the second photo. I'm not ruling it out yet-looking into demo for the wall tiles but also scouring Pinterest for even more inspiration. I'm all about an inspiration image!

Be sure to keep up with all the other participants.. you can find them right here:


Palm Beach Style

mirror // art // dish 

Last week's book review on Palm Beach Chic, got me thinking about our own little vacation home in Florida. We just booked our airfare for next month and now I'm looking forward to our visit and  getting this place finally finished.

I picked up Palm Beach Chic over the weekend and went back over some of my favorite images again and again. The mid-century vintage meets preppy vibe that's so closely associated with this area is one of my favorite styles to emulate in my home, both in Florida and up here in Connecticut as well. 

Some of these pieces above I already own (and love) while others I'm seriously considering. Do you gravitate towards this type of decor as much as I do?



Home Tour: Beverly Hills Bliss

This exquisite California home belongs to Katherine Power, one of the founders of Who What Wear and My Domaine.  Katherine's impeccable style is evident throughout the house - with stunning little touches and amazing details everywhere. If you're in the market for a new home in Beverly Hills, you're in luck, because this envy inducing home is for sale. Head over to My Domaine for more details.



New House, New Needs

art (*obsessed)  // lamps // magnifying glass // peace hand // stool

We're getting close to eleven months of living here in our new home - the newly wed phase is almost over.  The last pieces are really the most fun, aren't they? The cool little details and layers that not only bring a room together, but also allow for a lot of personality and expression to shine through! Happy Weekend!


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